Sunday, November 28, 2010


Boy the Holidays have been great so far. Lots of friends, family and of course FOOD! Sometimes I think that because I am a "health" food eater that people don't think I can enjoy food. HA! I LOVE food!! Now onward towards Christmas and all the coziness and smells of ham and peppermint that it has to offer. :)

So as I was contemplating how to stay fit during this last week amidst all the cooking and baking and preparing and parties and busyness of family members staying in the house...I mainly wanted to exercise enough to help my stomach digest all the yummy food I was going to eat. I figured it would be easiest to do something that was simple and could get me out of the house for a bit. So I started running. Now I have been "running" with the Wii for the past several months but of course it isn't the same kind of running as RUN RUNNING. Does that make sense? ha. Well anyways, I fell in LOVE. But did I pick the wrong season to start or what? Ah who cares, as long as it isn't windy I will go out. Its a great crisp jolt to the body in the morning. Now to buy a treadmill for when it gets REALLY cold.

I'll try to stay on top of blogging this week. Not that many people read about my life anyways ;). Oh Oh, tomorrow I get to go to the hardware store with my mom! Excited about going to the hardware store? Yeah, I used to work there and they have a killer Christmas display!! The challenge is to not buy anything! Its all so gorgeous.

Toodles :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Busy busy busy busy...BUSY!

These next few weeks are going to be a whirl wind...

-Hosting Thanksgiving (My sister and nephew are staying with us over the weekend too)
-Attending a 1st birthday party for a special little girl :)
-Hosting a Christmas Party for friends (for which I found a great dress to wear! Its a celebration of sorts, I'll explain that later)
-Then maybe we'll have a couple weeks off in which to go Christmas shopping
-My sister and nephew will be staying with us again Christmas week :)
-Family Christmases with husband's family and then my family
-And lastly probably a New Year's Eve event at some point

Boy am I glad I am a stay at home mom. If I were working I'd be pulling my hair out with all the things we are doing!

So there ya have it. The modern family, always going. But I don't mind when all the going has to do with being surrounded by family and friends :).

(oh by the way, you can sing the title money money money...MONEY!)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I might as well tell you right off the bat...I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Friends and family have called me "Monica", ya know, Monica Geller from Friends. I guess I clean alot, cook alot and love to be the hostess. The cleaning borders a little on OCD, so my husband tells me. Should I admit that I practically follow people around with a sweeper? No really it isn't THAT bad ;). However we are approaching the time of year when all of those things come together for the trifecta. Cook. Clean. Host. I get so giddy!!

My first Thanksgiving in my little apartment I wanted to host my family. So I made all the fixings and even had the place decorated for Christmas. Complete with a sign on the front door warning everyone what they were walking into! The explosion of the North Pole in just 500 sq feet!

Then once I was married we hosted Thanksgiving again. We were in a huge farm house and had lots of room. Soooooo of course I had to decorate for Christmas before everyone came! We got a HUGE live tree! If you can't tell, for me its all about the presentation ;). For Christmas the wrapping process is just as important as the gift itself.

Once again we are hosting Thanksgiving for my family (and possibly Christmas). We've been in the middle of a kitchen/dining room remodel and can't wait to show it off. I mentioned on facebook that we had brought the Christmas items down from the attic and got the tree up already. My sister's response, "Oh wonderful (full sarcasm)...we'll be having Thanksmas or Christgiving again this year." I know she was just joking around with me, but I can see why she would be worried ;). Will there be room for everyone around the Thanksgiving table with Santa and Rudolph? haha.

Do I use too many of those winky faces? ha!

Its taken me way too long to type this. Although a two year old jumping on the couch while your trying to type is a tad distracting. No. Stop that. You'll get hurt! Get down. Fine then, when you fall off don't come crying to me! He's quite the daredevil and knows it. I love that he's so active and all boy though.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The second time around...

So lets try this blog thing another time! The first time around I thought, hey I'll make a blog about couponing so that I can help all my friends out. Uh we all see how well THAT worked out for me. ha. I think I expected too much of myself from that. In comes attempt number two. This time I'm just going to write. About my passions. There's no wrong or right in that, just love! So I hope you enjoy my thought provoking insights, incredible wit, charm and poor spelling abilities.

As my 2 year old says, "3...1...blast off!"