Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I so wanted my title to be something catchy from a song, somthing about time slipping away. But alas, I am too young to recall anything. Or maybe I'm just too tired. So two months ago I left my post sounding like I was ready to strangle my son. Well don't be alarmed, he's fine, I'm fine. We make it through. There are times when I wonder if I'm doing things right. He and I fight like he's a teenager sometimes. But he's only in preschool! Will it be like this forever?? At least I can look forward to the day when he suddenly realizes that he has actually become his parents and then finally appreciate me for all I have done and said. And that I have actually always been right ;). But in the meanwhile I'll rest assured in the comments of his sunday school teacher or the little things I see when he thinks I'm not in sight. His sunday school teacher says he's so helpful and a gentleman. He's helpful and a gentleman at home too, but sometimes I lose sight of that amongst the fighting. We have worked on please, thank you, you're welcome, excuse me, etc etc. since he could talk. We have tried to instill the understanding of responsibility, personal ownership and taking turns. It isn't just about doing what mom and dad says so he doesn't get in trouble, but about being polite and respectful of others. So yes, I'm doing things right.

There are times as a mom when you have those moments and think, "This is so difficult, why did I want to do this again?" But then there are times like last night. My best friend and I got to go have some girl time getting pedicures. We rarely get to see eat other without our kids being involved. I don't know how it happens, but even when you think you aren't going to talk about your kids, you do. We got to talking about when we gave birth. We've told the stories time and time again, heard it all, but I never get sick of it :). Its the time in our lives when we finally became Moms! Thinking back on when my son was born fanned the flame. That's all I needed, those memories flooding back to remind me. He needs me. To love him, discipline him, feed him, grow him, teach him. And when I came home last night he greated me at the door with a giggle and excitement and a great big hug! Yeah, this is who I'm meant to be.