Sunday, December 12, 2010

One of those weeks...

Well well well. I'm sure you've had one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right. Like its one crazy day after another. Not everything is bad but at the very least chaotic!

I had one of those weeks. Seems like I am running around everywhere and then still forgetting stuff. My son has apparently had cottonballs in his ears. He ignores me at all costs. And having to discipline him (what seems like every 10 minutes) is sending my stress level through the roof! I have been a very angry person. And then my husband and I will fight because I'm already stressed out from everything else. Its the age old fight...woman is stressed out because she's taking care of the house, dealing with kids, etc., all she does is ask the man to do one simple thing...and then she hears that hint of complaint in his voice...and she snaps! Yep that was me last night. My son also hasn't been sleeping well. We've always had such an easy time with nap/bedtime. He never got up out of bed or took forever to get to bed. Until now. This week he has been up countless times and has become afraid of the dark. We got him something to help with the fear of the dark but he has still been getting up. And then he's so tired the next day but won't take a nice long nap. So I wind up not getting to exercise (which I do at nap time, and it also helps me relieve stress).

I've been doing all the Christmas shopping, spent two weeks straight baking and cooking for parties and still doing all the other things around the house. Yet I've felt completely unappreciated and incompitent. I hate being mad and stressed out. As a mom I feel like its my fault that my kid is being so horrible. Like I must have done something wrong for him to be acting this way. Even though I know that its all normal for his age and he's just learning where his boundries are. But still, give me a break kid!

I was really looking forward to church today. I could have at least an hour away from my son while he got to socialize in Sunday School. And I could get my soul filled back up after all this anger drained it dry. It started raining last night and turned over to snow this morning. Our area is expecting a "big storm" apparently. My husband had a job to do on Kelley's Island this morning. Side job, not part of his normal work. So he left. The roads were still ok, just wet from the rain, nothing frozen yet. Well an hour later he calls me from the island. He hit a telephone pole!! Ahh, the icing on the cake! Guess I'm not venturing out to church this morning. He was ok and he's able to still drive the truck after he and another guy pulled the fender out of the tire. But now any money he's making over there will have to pay for the repairs. Hurumph.

sigh. breathe. Are we in Hocking Hills yet??? I have another trip planned for next month. And we need it! I keep wishing I was there now. In the cabin, snow outside, all curled up with a hot cup of tea and watching the logs burn in the fireplace. :) Checking off the days.

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