Saturday, December 4, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Uh heck yes, its Saturday already! My week seems to have gotten away from me! Tomorrow we are hosting a Christmas party for friends and I have been SO busy running around getting stuff for that. I totally spent way too much money on the party too. However, I enjoy getting things to put in little favor bags for everyone to take home! And all the kids that are coming will get something special too ;). I've got all the food figured out except for 1 more dessert. People better come hungry because I am making a spiral cut ham!!! I've been craving a nice sweet ham for a while and this is a good excuse to spend good money on one ;).

Well well well, lots of things to still do for tomorrow. Cleaning and some more cooking. Oh and that mountain of laundry needing folded. I believe the cats have begun to tunnel under the pile. And I still don't have a pair of shoes to wear with my sweater dress. I think heals would look best, especially since I'm short. I'll probably wind up running out to the store late tonight hunting for that perfect pair of shoes. Agh, what we women do to look good!

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