Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I so wanted my title to be something catchy from a song, somthing about time slipping away. But alas, I am too young to recall anything. Or maybe I'm just too tired. So two months ago I left my post sounding like I was ready to strangle my son. Well don't be alarmed, he's fine, I'm fine. We make it through. There are times when I wonder if I'm doing things right. He and I fight like he's a teenager sometimes. But he's only in preschool! Will it be like this forever?? At least I can look forward to the day when he suddenly realizes that he has actually become his parents and then finally appreciate me for all I have done and said. And that I have actually always been right ;). But in the meanwhile I'll rest assured in the comments of his sunday school teacher or the little things I see when he thinks I'm not in sight. His sunday school teacher says he's so helpful and a gentleman. He's helpful and a gentleman at home too, but sometimes I lose sight of that amongst the fighting. We have worked on please, thank you, you're welcome, excuse me, etc etc. since he could talk. We have tried to instill the understanding of responsibility, personal ownership and taking turns. It isn't just about doing what mom and dad says so he doesn't get in trouble, but about being polite and respectful of others. So yes, I'm doing things right.

There are times as a mom when you have those moments and think, "This is so difficult, why did I want to do this again?" But then there are times like last night. My best friend and I got to go have some girl time getting pedicures. We rarely get to see eat other without our kids being involved. I don't know how it happens, but even when you think you aren't going to talk about your kids, you do. We got to talking about when we gave birth. We've told the stories time and time again, heard it all, but I never get sick of it :). Its the time in our lives when we finally became Moms! Thinking back on when my son was born fanned the flame. That's all I needed, those memories flooding back to remind me. He needs me. To love him, discipline him, feed him, grow him, teach him. And when I came home last night he greated me at the door with a giggle and excitement and a great big hug! Yeah, this is who I'm meant to be.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

One of those weeks...

Well well well. I'm sure you've had one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right. Like its one crazy day after another. Not everything is bad but at the very least chaotic!

I had one of those weeks. Seems like I am running around everywhere and then still forgetting stuff. My son has apparently had cottonballs in his ears. He ignores me at all costs. And having to discipline him (what seems like every 10 minutes) is sending my stress level through the roof! I have been a very angry person. And then my husband and I will fight because I'm already stressed out from everything else. Its the age old fight...woman is stressed out because she's taking care of the house, dealing with kids, etc., all she does is ask the man to do one simple thing...and then she hears that hint of complaint in his voice...and she snaps! Yep that was me last night. My son also hasn't been sleeping well. We've always had such an easy time with nap/bedtime. He never got up out of bed or took forever to get to bed. Until now. This week he has been up countless times and has become afraid of the dark. We got him something to help with the fear of the dark but he has still been getting up. And then he's so tired the next day but won't take a nice long nap. So I wind up not getting to exercise (which I do at nap time, and it also helps me relieve stress).

I've been doing all the Christmas shopping, spent two weeks straight baking and cooking for parties and still doing all the other things around the house. Yet I've felt completely unappreciated and incompitent. I hate being mad and stressed out. As a mom I feel like its my fault that my kid is being so horrible. Like I must have done something wrong for him to be acting this way. Even though I know that its all normal for his age and he's just learning where his boundries are. But still, give me a break kid!

I was really looking forward to church today. I could have at least an hour away from my son while he got to socialize in Sunday School. And I could get my soul filled back up after all this anger drained it dry. It started raining last night and turned over to snow this morning. Our area is expecting a "big storm" apparently. My husband had a job to do on Kelley's Island this morning. Side job, not part of his normal work. So he left. The roads were still ok, just wet from the rain, nothing frozen yet. Well an hour later he calls me from the island. He hit a telephone pole!! Ahh, the icing on the cake! Guess I'm not venturing out to church this morning. He was ok and he's able to still drive the truck after he and another guy pulled the fender out of the tire. But now any money he's making over there will have to pay for the repairs. Hurumph.

sigh. breathe. Are we in Hocking Hills yet??? I have another trip planned for next month. And we need it! I keep wishing I was there now. In the cabin, snow outside, all curled up with a hot cup of tea and watching the logs burn in the fireplace. :) Checking off the days.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Uh heck yes, its Saturday already! My week seems to have gotten away from me! Tomorrow we are hosting a Christmas party for friends and I have been SO busy running around getting stuff for that. I totally spent way too much money on the party too. However, I enjoy getting things to put in little favor bags for everyone to take home! And all the kids that are coming will get something special too ;). I've got all the food figured out except for 1 more dessert. People better come hungry because I am making a spiral cut ham!!! I've been craving a nice sweet ham for a while and this is a good excuse to spend good money on one ;).

Well well well, lots of things to still do for tomorrow. Cleaning and some more cooking. Oh and that mountain of laundry needing folded. I believe the cats have begun to tunnel under the pile. And I still don't have a pair of shoes to wear with my sweater dress. I think heals would look best, especially since I'm short. I'll probably wind up running out to the store late tonight hunting for that perfect pair of shoes. Agh, what we women do to look good!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December comes in like a Lion...okay more like a house cat.

Its December 1st and its snowing! Well, "flurries". Those soft little flakes. Nothing will stick to the ground because I don't think the ground is frozen yet, we've had a pretty warm winter thus far. I did see a wolly worm when my son and I were out walking this Fall and according to the worm we're supposed to have a very mild winter. He told us so! ;)

The fact that its snowing is appropriate weather for the 1st of December though. Its Christmas month and it evokes those warm and fuzzy feelings. Putting on your slippers and curling up in a blanket. Drinking some hot cocoa or a nice peppermint latte. Driving around to see the Christmas lights. The advent candles and telling the Biblical Christmas story. Lighting a fire in the living room. Although that would then mean we'd be making an insurance claim, we don't have a fireplace. And some of the other lovely sights of the season: Car accidents on the ice and snow (people in Ohio tend to forget from one year to the next what winter driving is like), grumpy and impatient people at the stores (I love these people the most because I try to kill them with kindness). Really I think I carry a smile on my face even more this time of year. Everyone is stressed, busy and rushing. You never know when being nice to someone, especially when they may not have deserved it, can turn their day around. Plus, its a great time to once again impart to my son about proper ettiquite and politeness. I am so proud of the little gentleman he is!

ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas starts today too! The Grinch tonight, The Santa Claus tomorrow and The Polar Express on Friday! Excellent start to the season! :)

Lately I've been thinking alot about some things that my mom has said and some of my own feelings I have had about Christmas. I tried to get my family to do a "secret santa" type thing last year but it was a NO GO. I wanted to just have us pick a family member from a hat and get a present for just that person. That way everyone would get one gift and it would be so much cheaper that way. I figured so much more time and love could go into it that way, that it would be more special. But I failed in my attempt. I do love how our family celebrates Christmas (We do have a special tradition relating to a walnut but that's another entry! ha.). We all get together and gather the presents and pass them out. Then we go from youngest to oldest and open a present and continue going around until the last present is opened. We love the fellowship we have while opening presents. My dad usually lets loose and gets silly. My brother tells some puns worthy of groaning. We all have a great laugh. But it all surrounds exchanging gifts. And I know that there are some that may still expect (or at least hope) to see certain things when they open a gift. I guess I'm trying to figure out how I want my son to see this holiday.

My mom told me her pastor had said something recently about Christmas. 'Will you be giving this year? Or exchanging gifts?' GIVING is when you give to someone with no intention of them giving back to you. I've been very hesitant this year to tell people "things we want" for Christmas. For some reason it has made me especially unsettled this year. I really don't want to bring more STUFF home, more THINGS. My husband has been blessed this year with an amazing job that provides a good income, especially considering how many people in this country are out of work. We have a home that we can heat, a car we can drive, we can afford to buy food and clothing. There is nothing we really NEED. None of which would be possible without the blessings God has showered on us. I am forever amazed by HIS constant grace and provision. That's what this time of year is about! The ultimate gift that God gave to us. His son, Jesus Christ. And that is something none of us deserve yet it is freely given!

I'm just not sure how I want to approach the commercial side of Christmas. I still want to do something for family members but I think its going to be on the 'unique finds and homemade gifts' end of the spectrum. I like things with character and love put into them. Plus the husband and I have decided to support local vendors if we do buy gifts. Something about the big corporations buying out Congress. Enough about politics.

Well since it is December now I think it is approriate to say this:


Sunday, November 28, 2010


Boy the Holidays have been great so far. Lots of friends, family and of course FOOD! Sometimes I think that because I am a "health" food eater that people don't think I can enjoy food. HA! I LOVE food!! Now onward towards Christmas and all the coziness and smells of ham and peppermint that it has to offer. :)

So as I was contemplating how to stay fit during this last week amidst all the cooking and baking and preparing and parties and busyness of family members staying in the house...I mainly wanted to exercise enough to help my stomach digest all the yummy food I was going to eat. I figured it would be easiest to do something that was simple and could get me out of the house for a bit. So I started running. Now I have been "running" with the Wii for the past several months but of course it isn't the same kind of running as RUN RUNNING. Does that make sense? ha. Well anyways, I fell in LOVE. But did I pick the wrong season to start or what? Ah who cares, as long as it isn't windy I will go out. Its a great crisp jolt to the body in the morning. Now to buy a treadmill for when it gets REALLY cold.

I'll try to stay on top of blogging this week. Not that many people read about my life anyways ;). Oh Oh, tomorrow I get to go to the hardware store with my mom! Excited about going to the hardware store? Yeah, I used to work there and they have a killer Christmas display!! The challenge is to not buy anything! Its all so gorgeous.

Toodles :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Busy busy busy busy...BUSY!

These next few weeks are going to be a whirl wind...

-Hosting Thanksgiving (My sister and nephew are staying with us over the weekend too)
-Attending a 1st birthday party for a special little girl :)
-Hosting a Christmas Party for friends (for which I found a great dress to wear! Its a celebration of sorts, I'll explain that later)
-Then maybe we'll have a couple weeks off in which to go Christmas shopping
-My sister and nephew will be staying with us again Christmas week :)
-Family Christmases with husband's family and then my family
-And lastly probably a New Year's Eve event at some point

Boy am I glad I am a stay at home mom. If I were working I'd be pulling my hair out with all the things we are doing!

So there ya have it. The modern family, always going. But I don't mind when all the going has to do with being surrounded by family and friends :).

(oh by the way, you can sing the title like...money money money money...MONEY!)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I might as well tell you right off the bat...I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Friends and family have called me "Monica", ya know, Monica Geller from Friends. I guess I clean alot, cook alot and love to be the hostess. The cleaning borders a little on OCD, so my husband tells me. Should I admit that I practically follow people around with a sweeper? No really it isn't THAT bad ;). However we are approaching the time of year when all of those things come together for the trifecta. Cook. Clean. Host. I get so giddy!!

My first Thanksgiving in my little apartment I wanted to host my family. So I made all the fixings and even had the place decorated for Christmas. Complete with a sign on the front door warning everyone what they were walking into! The explosion of the North Pole in just 500 sq feet!

Then once I was married we hosted Thanksgiving again. We were in a huge farm house and had lots of room. Soooooo of course I had to decorate for Christmas before everyone came! We got a HUGE live tree! If you can't tell, for me its all about the presentation ;). For Christmas the wrapping process is just as important as the gift itself.

Once again we are hosting Thanksgiving for my family (and possibly Christmas). We've been in the middle of a kitchen/dining room remodel and can't wait to show it off. I mentioned on facebook that we had brought the Christmas items down from the attic and got the tree up already. My sister's response, "Oh wonderful (full sarcasm)...we'll be having Thanksmas or Christgiving again this year." I know she was just joking around with me, but I can see why she would be worried ;). Will there be room for everyone around the Thanksgiving table with Santa and Rudolph? haha.

Do I use too many of those winky faces? ha!

Its taken me way too long to type this. Although a two year old jumping on the couch while your trying to type is a tad distracting. No. Stop that. You'll get hurt! Get down. Fine then, when you fall off don't come crying to me! He's quite the daredevil and knows it. I love that he's so active and all boy though.