Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December comes in like a Lion...okay more like a house cat.

Its December 1st and its snowing! Well, "flurries". Those soft little flakes. Nothing will stick to the ground because I don't think the ground is frozen yet, we've had a pretty warm winter thus far. I did see a wolly worm when my son and I were out walking this Fall and according to the worm we're supposed to have a very mild winter. He told us so! ;)

The fact that its snowing is appropriate weather for the 1st of December though. Its Christmas month and it evokes those warm and fuzzy feelings. Putting on your slippers and curling up in a blanket. Drinking some hot cocoa or a nice peppermint latte. Driving around to see the Christmas lights. The advent candles and telling the Biblical Christmas story. Lighting a fire in the living room. Although that would then mean we'd be making an insurance claim, we don't have a fireplace. And some of the other lovely sights of the season: Car accidents on the ice and snow (people in Ohio tend to forget from one year to the next what winter driving is like), grumpy and impatient people at the stores (I love these people the most because I try to kill them with kindness). Really I think I carry a smile on my face even more this time of year. Everyone is stressed, busy and rushing. You never know when being nice to someone, especially when they may not have deserved it, can turn their day around. Plus, its a great time to once again impart to my son about proper ettiquite and politeness. I am so proud of the little gentleman he is!

ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas starts today too! The Grinch tonight, The Santa Claus tomorrow and The Polar Express on Friday! Excellent start to the season! :)

Lately I've been thinking alot about some things that my mom has said and some of my own feelings I have had about Christmas. I tried to get my family to do a "secret santa" type thing last year but it was a NO GO. I wanted to just have us pick a family member from a hat and get a present for just that person. That way everyone would get one gift and it would be so much cheaper that way. I figured so much more time and love could go into it that way, that it would be more special. But I failed in my attempt. I do love how our family celebrates Christmas (We do have a special tradition relating to a walnut but that's another entry! ha.). We all get together and gather the presents and pass them out. Then we go from youngest to oldest and open a present and continue going around until the last present is opened. We love the fellowship we have while opening presents. My dad usually lets loose and gets silly. My brother tells some puns worthy of groaning. We all have a great laugh. But it all surrounds exchanging gifts. And I know that there are some that may still expect (or at least hope) to see certain things when they open a gift. I guess I'm trying to figure out how I want my son to see this holiday.

My mom told me her pastor had said something recently about Christmas. 'Will you be giving this year? Or exchanging gifts?' GIVING is when you give to someone with no intention of them giving back to you. I've been very hesitant this year to tell people "things we want" for Christmas. For some reason it has made me especially unsettled this year. I really don't want to bring more STUFF home, more THINGS. My husband has been blessed this year with an amazing job that provides a good income, especially considering how many people in this country are out of work. We have a home that we can heat, a car we can drive, we can afford to buy food and clothing. There is nothing we really NEED. None of which would be possible without the blessings God has showered on us. I am forever amazed by HIS constant grace and provision. That's what this time of year is about! The ultimate gift that God gave to us. His son, Jesus Christ. And that is something none of us deserve yet it is freely given!

I'm just not sure how I want to approach the commercial side of Christmas. I still want to do something for family members but I think its going to be on the 'unique finds and homemade gifts' end of the spectrum. I like things with character and love put into them. Plus the husband and I have decided to support local vendors if we do buy gifts. Something about the big corporations buying out Congress. Enough about politics.

Well since it is December now I think it is approriate to say this:


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